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Youth on Boards
A grassroots initiative to support and implement diverse board membership nationally by 2022, ensuring every nonprofit and foundation board in the City of Pittsburgh has at least one person under the age of 25 as a voting member. 


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Who We Are

Building a United Network of Under 25 

Our story

It started in 2019 when our founder ran for school board. Even for boards representing large bodies of young people, there was no voice from someone under 25. Why do we exclude people from the conversation when they have to live with the decisions? Boards need to reflect the people who the organization is serving.

Our Committment

Nonprofits are only as successful as their leadership. Boards provide strategic and financial oversight for an organization, ensuring the mission is being fulfilled properly and to the greatest extent. Organizations serve diverse populations, and boards need to reflect those people being served. 

Organizations already leading in the fight for youth representation


 Making lives work better

Community human services

Everyone has value

Rukmini Foundation

Girls Education in Nepal

City of Bridges High School

Real work, real compassion, real learning
What we do

Our Services

Policy & advocacy

Working with legislators in PA to change the nonprofit law that states you need to be 18 years old to be a voting board member. 

Nonprofit consulting

Working with other nonprofit consulting agencies to provide training and resources for effective board leadership and service. 

Board Matching

Working with organizations and their current recrutiment process to find and recruit people under 25, ensuring each nominee and nonprofit are strong fits. 

LEading initiatives

Fighting for youth and their rights through specific partnerships and initiatives across the region. Change doesn’t happen in a vaccum. 
What Drives Us

Our Values

We are here to support both the organization and the individual, ensuring that there are connection points and networks. We strive for board matching and ensuring that each candidate and nonprofit have a good fit. We do not place any young person on any board because relationships matter.

who leads this work

The Team

Ashley Lynn Priore

Founder and President

Ryan Yeager

Board Member

Jared Coffelt

Board Member

Brianne shaulis

Board Member

Jess Scott

Board Member

Let’s Talk “Junior” Boards

Good but not good enough

Junior boards, also known as young advisory boards or young professional councils, are typically committee like structures that include younger professionals (many times, between 25-35) to support younger voices. However, these boards further seperate young people from the actual decision making group. It is a seperate kids table. While these boards started with good intention, they are not longer useful. 


If organizations want younger voices (under 25) on their board, they would include them – not on just a committee but on the Board of Directors or Trustees. It’s about having the vote to make decisions, not just advising or giving helpful insight. Instead of having seperate committees and boards for young people, let’s get them at the actual table. Diversity includes age. Join the movement. 

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